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Walk in the Steps of Superheroes in Vancouver

Superheroes in the city. You don’t need tights and a cape to enjoy a memorable time in Vancouver, but the city certainly attracts superheroes. Whether Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow or Superman, on big and small screens alike these city streets are a (Hollywood) hotbed of crime-fighting,...

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Yaletown False Creek Art Walk

Time Top Photo: Rob Weiss I adore the rain! Perhaps it is rooted in my deep infatuation and respect for our Coastal Rain Forest. Perhaps, it stems from my love of play. After all, who can resist the urge to splash and puddle jump? Despite my...

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Fresh Tracks!

Photo: Rob Weiss Last year, I braved cross-country skiing for the first time in my life. While my technique is definitely lacking, I must confess that I find myself hooked! Considered to be the granddaddy of all skiing disciplines, cross-country skiing is a terrific fitness activity...

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