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Jazz Fest announces 150 free concerts!

UK singer/composer Gwyneth Herbert is among the performers at the 2018 Vancouver International Jazz Festival. The 33rd Annual TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival just announced 150 free concerts at indoor and outdoor venues this summer, between June 22—July 1. This year’s festival features hundreds of musicians participating...

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Vancouver’s Dawn Chorus

The Birds, Artist, Myfanwy MacLeod Photo: Rob Weiss Spring has sprung! Listen. Early mornings mean glorious sunrises and delightful songbirds, and for those inclined to get outdoors at the crack of dawn, a symphony of sound awaits. It’s true. Mother Nature regularly treats us to a...

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Jason James’ Vancouver Favourites

Award-winning producer and director Jason James was born and raised in Vancouver, and continues to call the city home as he travels the globe for a multitude of projects. “I love that Vancouver feels like a big city, but is really just a small town,”...

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Grouse Mountain Grizzlies Awake from Hibernation

Images courtesy of Grouse Mountain. (Photo by Devin Manky) Ever had a nap where you sleep so long you’ve forgotten what day it is? For Grinder and Coola, Grouse Mountain’s resident grizzly bears, their longest winter sleep just concluded after 153 days of hibernation! The annual awakening...

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Terri Tatchell’s Vancouver Favourites

Award-winning screenwriter of such impactful films as District 9, Terri Tatchell balances out her intense, often gory sci-fi scripts as co-owner of whimsical Neverland Tea Salon. Situated in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, fairytale-inspired Neverland pays homage to classic stories like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland...

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