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The Red Arrows, Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, will perform their signature stunts over Vancouver Harbour

Red Arrows


Red Arrows are visiting Vancouver and scheduled to soar across the city on Thursday, September 26th at 5pm.

Officially known as the Royal Air Force (RAF) Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows showcase the excellence of the RAF and represent the United Kingdom both at home and overseas. The team consists of 11 pilots, nine of whom fly in the display, and more than 100 support personnel and technicians. One of the world’s premier aerobatic teams, the Red Arrows have completed their trademark Diamond Nine shape and combination of close formations at nearly 5,000 displays, in 57 countries, by the beginning of 2019. Flying Hawk T1 jets, the team is based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

Aviation fans in Halifax, Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, and Victoria will have a unique opportunity to see the Red Arrows take flight during the team’s 11-week deployment, which is aimed at showcasing the UK at its best, and supporting trade, business and defence interests.

Activities will include a series of flypasts over the Vancouver Harbour and aviation themed activities at Jack Poole Plaza. Science World at TELUS World of Science and H. R. MacMillan Space Centre will also be on-location to explain the science behind flight with interactive demonstrations for all ages.

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Source: Inside Vancouver

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